Wenesday, 25 January 2012
Dear beloved friends in the World,

I am Maria Monique's mother and also founder of Maria Monique Lastwish Foundation.

The foundation that helps the children to fulfill their wishes which probably in some cases are their last wishes. The children from age 5 to 15 years old with critical ill, natural disasters, victims of war and especialy paralyzed condition can get free of wheel chairs.

The purpose of this foundation activity is to keep the children's spirit alive and let them know that God never forget and leave them but always Love them so much... next »

Natalia's grief over the memories of her daughter, Maria Monique
The tears haven't dried up from thirty-six year-old Natalia Tjahja, even though her seven year-old daughterm Maria Monique, has now rest in peace...
Wheels To Heal 2011
This event held on May 8, 2011 on SCBD Sudirman. Maria Monique Foundation also launching 3 chairty songs to the world : The Beautiful Memory, Tohoku and also Wheels to Heal. This event was organized by : Hotel Marriott, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Pacific Place Mall....
Can't Anybody See ft. Michael Dada
To my New York Rep. Hunter Kinkead, Musician Sullee J, MicTunes, and Amar Azaan. I appreciate the work of your hands. I hope this experience will be a long lasting one...
MMLF Drawing Competition
Munarsih suffered from paralysis since the age of 4 years and she could only lie down and just at the age of 5 years there was a strange bulge on her back body...
The Beautiful Journey of Maria Monique
Media Clipping of Maria Monique

Dear All, we want to open Maria Monique Happy Room in an orphanage soon in. Marin 26 Rue Le Refuge # 32 Bon Repos, Haiti A room that we fill with Music, Entertainment, Toys, Education,Sport, Costume Center You can donate the things directly to the Orphanage Or you can email us monique_lastwish@yahoo.com

Our Program 2011:
A. 10.000 Fullfiling Children Wishes
B. 10.000 Wheelchairs
C. 10.000 Maria Monique Happy Room
D. 10.000 Testimonies of Maria Monique Lastwish Foundation
"Our Story in CNN" by Arwa Damon

Maria Monique

Sick Child

Sick Child 2

Video Tohoku was given to Ishida Hide,President ISS OsakaTuesday


"Quote from Arwa Damon CNN"

I just received the Message from Arwa Damon CNN (Advisor The Beautiful Journey Musical) also Someone who wrote our story in CNN World.

I unfortunately will be on assignment outside of Indonesia and won't be able to join the auditions. I wish all those who partake the best of luck and I am confident that as this production moves forward it will do justice to the moving, powerful, and inspiring journey of Natalie's quest to fulfill her daughter Maria Monique's last wish.

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